Everyone is talking of St Valentine!

Ok, maybe not everybody is talking about St Valentine, but it is definitely in the air. For some it is just another day in the calendar, for others is a special date. Some might get nostalgic and others excited. I guess it all depends on our personal life experiences.

I was born in the country where St Valentine did not exist. I learned about this day when I was already 18 years old and moved to another country. I was working in a small chocolate/gift shop so of course, I did notice something was happening. I have been explained that it is a day to celebrate love and friendship and I was rapidly hooked. I mean how wonderful it is to have a special day to share joy and love with your special friends. Lately, I hear a lot of complaints of how commercialized this day is, but I loved getting all type of customers looking for that special little something. And even that I agree that friendship and love should be expressed every day, don’t see a problem with having a day to remind those who are forgetful or shy about expressing their feelings.

I helped little kids, who came with their moms looking for a special something for their besties, I had nervous young gentlemen who were planning a proposal, aged people (women and men) looking for some sweets for their sweetest, big and small budgets, they all came with the same warm in their hearts and same desire to please the other person and make them smile.

What to wear

Now that we established that even if you consider this day commercially inflated it brings joy and smiles, let’s move to the next part. 

Doesn’t matter what is your relationship status. Or your gender, we all wait for something special from this day. But just expecting can bring you a disappointment for not getting that exact fantasy that you have created. And this is when people get Grinched. 

The secret is: 

Do not expect something you dream about, do it yourself. if your fantasy is about a romantic night under the stars, create it. If you don’t have a special partner, do it with your friend. or just by yourself. concentrate on enjoying the experience from the beginning, from the first moment of preparation and then the enjoyment. Make it perfect for yourself and enjoy! 

So let’s see what do we have in order for a wonderful St Valentine’s day? 

We have flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. Those are a must, I mean you are to the romantic dinner, great, but flowers will create a special moment, chocolates that you can enjoy together (leave the diet aside for a day) after the dinner and a little teddy bear to cuddle… cant be cuter. but Let’s make a list of other ideas:

If you are planning a dinner, I highly suggest you make your reservations now. many restaurants will be having pre-fix menu and the best get sold out very fast. 

If you are looking to propose or to give some jewelry, get it now, stores are rolling promotions at this moment.

get statement shoes and have fun!

If you are looking for something different let’s see what are the good ideas for St Valentine:

  • picnic 
  • date in the museum 
  • cooking together and then dinner
  • take a painting class
  • get a spa day
  • take dancing lesson
  • stargazing
  • take a day tour or a weekend escape

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