Best tools and equipment to start your fitness journey now

I wanted to talk to you about it for some time already. I want to call it “The best kept secret” but it is not actually a secret. The fact is it has been around since the beginning of times. 

With the creation of modern fitness movements, the body building, the gym this tool went to the second place and people started forgetting it. 

When I ask my friends for reasons of why they dont exercise the second popular answer ( after “I dont have time” ) would be:

” I dont have gym close by” or “I dont have extra money to spend in the gym” 

So let me tell you the secret. 



Here you are that’s it. You don’t really need a gym to be fit and exercise. Of course if you are going for some special training like body building or bikini competition, you will probably need to hit the gym at some point. But to start getting fit, to start getting slimmer you only need one thing, and you already have it. 

I was there with you. No gym or no time for the gym. when I got out of my spine therapy I knew I needed to do something to straighten me up. I went down to the gym. I stood there for some minutes and went back to my apartment. 

I felt embarresed (besides me being a very shy person) I felt intimidated. I saw all those men and women working out, using those complicated machines.  Did I mention I am a lazy person ? So option of going early when nobody is there was not for me, no waking up earlier then I need mostly if it is to go to the gym. 

And this moment was when I got enlightened. 


If you downloaded my “Lazy person exercising guide”  (and if not you definitely should, Download HERE,  it is free…) then you probably noticed how I am not using any weights, equipment or anything that is not available at your home. 

When I started my fitness journey was with a purpose of loosing weight but to deal with the pain. I didn’t take pictures of before (but I do have some and they are on my Instagram) I was only focused on getting rid of this pain. 

But What is the secret?????


You see, I told you it has been with you forever, you started using it when we first turned as a baby, then crawled and walked. Bodyweight is all you need to get fit and healthy. 

Dont believe me? Try to do a push up. How many can you do? What about squats? You see.. there is a lot you can do before you  get to lifting weights. 

So what are you waiting for? Start today your journey to your healthier self. no need to go to the gym, no need of complicated guides. You can download my “Lazy person exercising guide”  and it will get you started. 

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