About Me

Hi, Guys!

Having you on this page means a lot for me. It means you went through several of my posts and liked them enough to get yourself interested in who is behind all those stories.

As you might know already, my name is Yulia and I currently live in Miami Beach, Fl. I am 43 years old and live with my wonderful husband (who takes most of my pictures). I have a 23 years old son who lives in California (you probably will see pictures and mentions of CA. in my posts) I am constantly mentioning my past in my posts so don’t want to spoil it and if you want to know more I will be happy to talk about it, just ask. 

I was born in Moscow, Soviet Russia. At some point, my parent decided to move to a different country and I had no choice than move with them and there I landed in Venezuela. I had wonderful years in that country but then a communist government took over and life there became impossible. Long story short, I live in Miami Beach for now (as you never know when the new adventure or opportunity comes knocking your door) 

I worked in several design companies and one day decided that I want to be my own boss and work en my PJ and this is how I created my company, Ynet. Ynet started as Graphic Design and Web Development company and later we added Marketing Consulting to our services. I did it for 19 years and had a very fun and wonderful times running it, working with my clients and learned a lot.  

 I am a very multi-interest person.  I have a long list of “did that” I am sure I will be mentioning some in my posts but one thing in common is I always did and do only what I enjoy and what passionates me.

Things I love:

I love rock music and Marcial Arts (Karate to be exact)

I love art and science 

I love having a live conversation with people over a cup of tea, coffee, juice, wine or glass of water.

I love traveling to new places and to meet local people

I love to collaborate and help

Things I don’t love:

I don’t love going to the movies (just can’t sit still for so long)

I don’t love talking over the phone except for short business conversation (nothing like face to face over a coffee or rose)

I don’t like the purple color and a  smell of lavender.

I don’t like Ice cream.

I don’t like monotony.

I am generally joyful and playful multifaceted person. I have real and avid interest in lots of things. I am not afraid of being silly (even that I am constantly told I should not behave like this at my age) because I strongly believe that a good innocent laugh is beneficial for everyone. 

Let me know if there is something else you would like to know about me.

And if you are in the area lets have some nice P2P conversation over some juice, coffee, tea, wine or a glass of water.

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