How I started loosing weight.

As you know from my previous posts all my fitness journey didn’t start as it usually happens  when you take picture of before,  get your gym subscription or a trainer,  get yourself nice looking gym clothing and begin checking on your progress every time to time. My case was a little bit different, I was not looking to loose weight, I actually gave up on it a while ago, I accepted the fact that after 40 women dont loose weight, they gain it, and people get older and get weaker.

I had my spine issues that were impeding me from having a fully active life so I just gave up. (oh I look at my pictures from those times now and can’t understand how come I didn’t even noticed) I went up from size 4 to size 10-12. Then at some point when we moved to the beach and started being little bit more active ( walk and bike around instead of driving) I went down to size 8 and it was glorious. But due to my previous lifestyle I got an herniated disc. I was lucky to accidentally get to the doctor who works with the technology called “Disc Decompression” and offers a good alternative to surgery. It worked for me! I did it in order to escape from surgery and the treatment lasted almost a year, but yay I got fixed!!!! 

During the therapy I was advised not to exercise (now I thing it would’ve been damaging to get to move once in a while) so when my therapy cycle was done I was left very weak and with lots of pain mostly in my hips.

I started thinking I have arthritis, I got myself checked and thank God tests came in negative.


This was me just before the spine treatement
Me after finishing my treatement

After I passed some depressing time thinking of how I will never be the same again and that I have to accept the fact that I am old (I was just 42 then) I started thinking  on “how come a very healthy woman of my age can feel so much pain, something should be wrong”. By nature I am a solution seeker so I began to analyze my body and noticed that the days I walked more, my pain was lessened. And this is when I started experimenting. Basically this is how “Lazy Person Exercise Guide” was born. 

My first time was while I was watching news laying in my bed. It was hard and painful, so don’t get scared, it is normal as your muscles are waking up.

I started performing those movements on a daily basis, adding more seconds and/or speed every couple of days or when I felt it was too easy already. 

I could say it saved my life! 

“Oh, please, don’t be so dramatic”- you will say

I am not! I always was an active person, just can’t stay quiet, my mind is full of ideas and my body s rushing to make them reality. not being able to move freely (I was using a chair to help me get from my bed to my bathroom) was creating negative thoughts and making me sad and depressed. Beginning this exercises showed me that it is all in me and I can beat it.

Everyone needs one of these in their lives.

Besides saving my movement ability all this triggered in me the desire of living healthier, I started going to gym and spending more time there, I joined several fitness group in the neiborhood and really enjoy them. When you meet and share activities with healthy people you always will have conversations and ides or experiences exchange. this is how I started paying more attention to my daily diet and even that it was not bad I found ways to optimize it even better. 

I discovered a Magical World of Supplements and most of all learned about it’s truth and myths.

Gear up it is always good to look awesome

Here is my gift to you:

Open it and perform exercises

Repeat daily

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